exhibition opening | ann marshall

ann marshall is on the list. my "one day when i'm rich i will buy a piece from this artist and this artist and this artist list." it's actually not that long, and only the ones that make my heart beat quick are on it - like annabelle marquis and m.a.tateishi. in terms of ann marshall's art, i want a self portrait done in photography, pastel and paper collage. i've never ever wanted a self portrait of myself so that's kind of a big deal!

for now, i honour these artists in the best way i know how. and so miss. marshall is features in the latest lowercase gallery exhibition. yes, i wrote about marshall's work here but i couldn't stop thinking about her...

p.s. just a reminder that the first tues of the month is an art crawl on isavirtue. i would Love for you to participate by sharing your favourite artist of any kind on your blog - and linking up here!


  1. The exhibition of Ann's work looks gorgeous! You picked some of my faves and they all look so beautiful together.

  2. These are beautiful.....have you ever seen this painting? It's my favorite and it's a very romantic story...http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/france/8042281/Parisian-flat-containing-2.1-million-painting-lay-untouched-for-70-years.html and here is the link to my now fav painting.....http://parisapartment.files.wordpress.com/2010/10/painting-was-by-boldini.jpg?w=490


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