art | ann marshall

i am so in love with these ethereal artworks by artist ann marshall. she may just be in the line up for the next lowercase gallery exhibition! i originally came across marshall's work in the jealous curator's "bunny love" easter art round up (that same collective also inspired me to post about bayley collins on escape into life).

using mixed media (a combination of pastels, oils, paper and collage materials), ann marshall creates whimsical portraits of forlorn women. in some of the images, the girls look off dreamily into the distance. in others, they stare straight at the viewer, causing us to question exactly what it is they are pondering. backgrounds of rich wall paper and elegant dresses complete the scene. 


  1. Love these, great find!

  2. Oh wow, I've never heard of her before. These are lovely!

  3. they are beautiful, have to remember her!

  4. Anonymous20.4.12

    those are gorgeous!
    i love the watercolor/collage/flowy/whimsical etc look of them!

  5. I was introduced to her work by another favorite artist a while back and immediately fell in love! Wrote about her on Artsy Forager back in September, http://artsyforager.wordpress.com/2011/09/22/portrait-of-my-dreams/. Loved your take on the subjects' gaze.

  6. Gorgeous art works! They are so realistic and quirky



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