welcome to isavirtue – my name is kaitlyn webb patience and i am passionate about art, paper crafting and mail - the old fashioned way. the isavirtue blog is about mail art, contemporary art, and filling your life with art. i use my blog as a space for inspiration, discussion and community.

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q | where did the name “isavirtue” come from?
a | pronounced as three words (is-a-virtue), but written as one, “isavirtue” (not Isavirtue or Is A Virtue) is a play on my maiden name – “patience.” it seemed an appropriate name for my blog when i first started writing online. it represents who i am, but it doesn’t pigeonhole me or my interests. i transferred the same name to my stationery business when it first opened in august 2010. i liked how the classic saying “patience isavirtue” echoed the traditional nature of handmade products, handcrafted envelopes, snail mail and letter-writing. all of these things take time and patience – but are well worth the wait!
q | tell us about your stationery shoppe.
a | my shoppe is an online space in which i create and sell handmade stationery. my products encourage users to revive the art of letterwriting, handmade objects and simply taking a little more time to write a heartfelt sentiment. my envelopes and writing paper are minimally designed with unique images and a limited palette.
q | i don’t understand, you make stationery, but you don’t make cards?
a | nope – sorry! there are a number of reasons why i don’t make cards. first and foremost, they simply don’t inspire me. i can’t seem to get excited about them! in addition, the stationery and paper markets are entirely saturated with various card styles, and i’m interested in offering something different – writing paper! writing paper is surprisingly difficult to come across, and there isn’t nearly as many options. i’m a huge advocate for letter-writing, snail mail, and mail art. therefore it only seems appropriate that i create writing paper. choosing paper over a card allows the sender more room to express their full thoughts. i think cards do a lot of the talking for people during special occassions, and maybe that’s because people are frightened of expressing themselves. i challenge you to give it a try!
but if you ask nicely at christmas-time, i will make you a custom order of holiday cards…
q | how do you spell stationery?
a | no one has ever actually asked me this – but i sure wish people would! “stationery” with an “e” refers to paper goods such as cards, envelopes and writing paper. "stationary" with an "a" refers to a lack of motion.

isavirtue blog

q | what are the fifty-two projects? did you invent them?
a | no, i didn’t create the fifty-two projects, but they can be viewed at their original home here. the projects are a series of challenges meant to be completed over the course of a year. i felt very connected to these projects because many of them are centered around letters, snail mail, art and books (all of the things i love!) the projects really push you to be creative but not in an expensive or incredibly time consuming way. i did not work on the projects in any particular order.
q | what are sinful sundays? can i do them too?
a | as i approached my twenty-sixth birthday in november of 2011, i started to feel guilty about all of my little vices. i don’t really drink, and i don’t smoke, but i have some truly unhealthy habits. for two weeks at a time, i am giving up twenty-six “sins.” i will give up the habit cold turkey, and then after the two weeks, i can have it again – but in moderation.

q | why don’t you use capitals?
a | for two reasons. first, you should know that i love writing capitals in my own handwriting. but when it comes to typing them, i find it incredibly obstructive to my thought flow. all that shifting and caps-locking can slow a girl down! also, i find that typed lowercase letters just look better aesthetically (is it just me or do typed capitals look a little cocky?). i’m very picky about fonts and cases – certain styles make my eyes happier and my brain more relaxed (comic sans must die!) if you write me an email that consists of all lowercase, you’ll win me over right away.
q | do you have a luvah?
a | i sure do! jonathan is my husband. unlike a lot of female bloggers, he does not have a starring role here at isavirtue. however, this man is certainly the star in the movie of my life. he is truly my best friend, my therapist, my personal comedian and the most generous person i have ever met. we have been together for over eight years, and married for almost three.
q | what type of background do you have in art?
a | i studied art through-out my post secondary education, and finished with a bachelor’s degree in fien arts/art history and a master’s degree in history in art (please don’t get me started on the difference in terms). from 2007 on, i have worked at a number of different art related jobs, and directed a citywide municipal arts festival. eventually i would like to have curatorial role at a mid-sized public gallery, or a arts community engagement position.
q | what type of job do you have in real life?
a | usually, i work at various art galleries or on public art projects. i also sell prints for this wonderful artist.