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wow. for the past two weeks i've been trying not to whine, complain or gossip about work. i don't consider myself a lover of gossip...and i find complainers bring me down. but of all the sunday sins - this has been the hardest thus far. i think that's because it's just "talking." when it's chocolate you're trying to avoid, you are making a conscious decision not to pick it up and put it in your mouth. but talking is so ingrained - it's completely second nature and it therefore doesn't feel like something naughty. i did terribly - but i encourage you all to try this one. you'll discover just how much you do it, and how hard it is to stop!

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i've had a number of people ask me if my sunday sins project has been helpful. i think that it has. even if i don't do very well at avoiding a particular vice, it creates a huge sense of awareness for it. and the upside is i'm not bingeing on whatever i've avoided after the two weeks are over.

every two weeks i look at my list to choose which vice is next. which means i always have the others in the back of my mind. so i think i've already been doing this one a little bit - avoiding buying useless craft supplies which have no purpose. for the next two weeks i will avoid buying useless craft supplies. the key term is useless - because if i need something in particular for a custom order, it's allowed.

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  1. That's a hard one! I'm trying to be better about craft supplies (especially fabric) & only buying if I know what I'll make with it. Not perfect (I'll admit there are fat quarters that come home with me "just because") but it does help me be aware!

    The gossiping one is huge too! I agree that it's so hard to stop because talking is so natural.


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