an amazing parcel from kristy with a beautiful ephemera pack inside!

a package from a friend and former co-worker in victoria full of "perfect for me" goodies.

a lovely note from my pregnant best friend thanking me for advice.


a letter to a friend in england with lots of vintage postage (patiently sitting in her mailbox because as it turns out, she is currently in jerusalem).

my husband brought home a library book full of local river maps and i fell in love. he photocopied the pages for me and i made an envelope and wrote a letter on them. 

a selection of postcards by real artists going out to random friends. 



i've said before (a million times) and i'll say it again - i love modern watercolours. in a delightfully detailed twist, oh gosh, cindy! is helping us to time travel back to our teens where we hung out on the daily with bianca, cher, dionne, karen, gretchen and of course, the ever charming regina george.

i all honesty i wasn't aware that a portrait could be rendered so realistically in this medium. but cindy has captured every perfect detail of these time capsule characters - including one of my favourite quotes from ten things i hate about you: "i know you can be overwhelmed, and you can be underwhelmed, but can you ever just be whelmed?"

p.s. can i just say how much i love her watermarks? so classy and integrated.



i bought a project life scrapbooking pack in august 2012. i did three weeks (three pages) and then i got sick and suddenly there didn't seem to be much to track (pictures of me in bed? notes about what i watched on tv?). but then i had a baby. and suddenly i understood the scrapbookers need to track and photograph all the highlights of life. my parents weren't much for marking memories (they prefer to make memories...and goodness know they could never remember the camera) and i can't help but think how much i would love to flip through a book and see the big birthdays, the cute photos and the notes about my firsts. so without further ado, here are the first four months of jackson's life:



sent to his email account:


This month I go back to work. I'll be honest with you - I was very excited at the prospect! But then hypothetical became reality and now I shudder at everything I am going to miss when I am away from you. What comes to mind first are the big milestones. I've watched you learn to roll over, crawl, sit up. i was right there the first time you did each of those things! But what about when you start to cruise? walk? say your first word? Will I be away when that happens? Is it just as good to see a second or third step or to hear you say "ball" for the fourth time? Will you cry for me? Will you remember me?

But I'll miss the smaller moments too. Falling asleep with you in my arms and the pillows surrounding us like a fort. Watching you wake up and seeing you smile when you recognize my face. Going for long walks in the sunshine and listening to the leaves sway, the brooks babble and the cicadas hum. There won't always be time for these things.

It's been just you and me for five and a half months. Yes, Papa was there at night, and on his days off. But you and I were full time baby! - twenty four hours a day (literally, you only just started sleeping through the night here and there!), seven days a week.

But honestly, I think the best thing I can do for you is underline the importance of work. Not just the daily grind, contributing to society aspect - but of finding something you love and making it into a career. I want you to take pride in my passion, my motivation and my creative output. I want what I do during the time I am away to be an inspiration to you, as it is to me. You can do anything you want. I love what I do, and I love you too. Who says you can't have the best of both worlds?

See you in a bit baby.




i was thinking the other day that it might be beneficial to think about the things i want. my hopes, my goals, my needs. what's in my way? money of course. time. laziness? but writing them down has helped (and yes, i realize some of them are a bit greedy and hypocritical but they make sense to me).

a new lap top
a new couch
more organization
to worry less
less stress
to write more letters
a house
a car
to feel like i'm going somewhere

an almost but not quite full time job in the arts
more free time
less clutter
to see my friends who live far away
to learn new skills and crafts
less guilt
more space
less things

more stationery sales
to file things
to plan art exhibitions
two children (maybe three)
uplifting, natural light
new dresses
less pants

more wholesale card orders
to spend more time with my brothers
to eat better
to know how to cook
to exercise more
to live near the water
to live near a big city

to spend time with my son
a craft room or studio space
to spend more time with friends
a real christmas tree
more print sales each month



i think every person has wondered which member of the animal kingdom best matches their personality and soul. artists april alayne and jen mann have taken that inquiry a few steps further with their renditions of hybrid humans morphing into or becoming one with foxes, fowl, wolves and horses.

april's drawings capture finite minutiae and wear their animal detailing like an accessory. jen's women sit side by side with their creature counterpart, though the viewer may be unsure which came first, or if the two are meant to be one. both artist's leave us with the impression that women are part animal, and take a sense of strength from them.

i truly can't decide this week which one i like best. i think because of the vast difference in medium it becomes harder to compare and i find myself equally drawn to both. how about you?

two things to note: these are only crops of aprils work, and the pieces by jen are from her collection a few years ago. i also interviewed jen here, and compared her against jenny keith here.



i don't know why i've never offered many proper stationery sets in my shop. i guess my thinking is that it's funner for people to pick and choose which envelopes and writing paper they want. but i sometimes forget that most people just want it chosen for them! below are some matching stationery sets i've added recently with some of my favourite text sayings. check them out here!



my aunt told me about this idea, where you set up an email account for your child, and write them letters through-out the years. of course i could just write them by hand, but here is where the ease and casual air of email comes into play. there is less pressure to sit down and write an epic letter each time. now, who is to say where email will be in sixteen years (an inbox full of letters from your mother would be an excellent gift for a teenage boy right? haha), and goodness knows technology is not stable or consistent. but it's easy and fun and gives family members the opportunity to write a letter on special occasions (or whenever as well). here is a recent one:


You are five months old this week.
Right now you are trying to eat your toes. Putting objects into your mouth is how you discover the world around you. I'm not sure what you learn from goobering on something but it pleases you to no end!
You do other things too. You are always moving - waving your hands, stomping your feet, and twisting your head to see what's going on around you. In fact, you move so much and so often that when you aren't, your papa and I call to one another to come see. "Look" we say, "Look how still he is."
You've started crawling this month. We rooted for you to crawl for months (every day it looked like you were so close). But now that you are moving of your own accord, we hardly know what to do! It's clear to us you need more space so we'll try to work on that for you.
You smile for everyone. I used to think it was because they smiled at you, but now I can see you looking at strangers, the corners of your lips turning upwards. You want so badly to burst into a great big grin...but you need them to look at you first! When you smile at us, we feel like the best parents ever. It's safe to say that everything we do is to make you smile. Or laugh - because your giggle is absolutely infectious. Right now it's not consistant - just short happy snorts. So we keep doing what we were doing hoping to combine together each outburst - like crazed maniacs we throw you over and over into the air or gum at your chest and pretend to eat you - "Nom! Nom! Nom!"
Five months has flown by. It's true what they say - that it goes by in the blink of an eye and you're never as tiny as you once were (you were so tiny!). But we look forward to what is to come.




i've been designing stamps and having them mounted for almost two years now. i've even been taking stamp requests! but for some reason, it never occurred to me to list it as an option in my shop (but i have now, tra la la). it's so fun because the opportunities are endless - letterhead, address stamps, business card info, logos, invitation and place card stamps. below are some examples of what i've done recently:



one | my husband is taking me and the little sniff camping here this weekend

two | working on a custom stationery and stamp order for this lovely gal

three | i'm slowly working my way through this book. reminds me of the red tent which i love!

four | this is the first good, serious article i've read on the huffington post

five | i'm having a blast with my new card collection!

six | it's fun watching the integrate art society gear up for this year's festival even though i'm not directing it anymore.