april highlights | lots of bad but also something good

a photo i snapped near the ocean during our anniversary-mini-vacay up island

well - i'm quite certain i've never been so happy to see one month change to the next! april had some serious ups and downs - heavy on the downs. i'm hoping may will bring the freshness of spring and new beginnings. that's corny - which is totally not my style but i'm hoping for it none the less.

just because april was a bummer in my personal life doesn't mean there wasn't some super fun projects, great blog posts, and inspiring art on the isavirtue blog! highlights include:

one | at the beginning of april i released my "something good" line of stationery and packing materials.

two | along with gentri lee and kristy g, we launched the "send something good" project and one hundred and sixty five bloggers signed up to secretly send a parcel to another blogger!

three | in art vs. art i compared the works of erica lawlor schmidt and alexis anne mackenzie. schmidt won by a landslide - do you agree?

four | i made some wedding invitations for a family member and loved them!

five | i pondered the trials and successes of my first year of marriage.

six | i fell deeply, madly in love with ann marshall.

seven | i received new business cards as well as something from a secret admirer in the mail!

eight | i got ironic with bar codes.

**stay tuned this week as i'll be releasing more information about sponsoring isavirtue!**

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  1. Did you ever figure out who the secret admirer was?


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