art vs. art | erica lawlor schmidt vs. alexis anne mackenzie

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it's time for art vs art! just like the last session of this game, these two artists have created a very similar* body of work. both use the same type of composition, both are influenced by nature, and both sets are done in collage. but there are also some distinct differences in style! erika lawlor schmidt, whom i've written about before - has a very clean cut and whimsical style. whereas alexis anne mackenzie's images are more loose and eerie. the question of the day is...which do you prefer and why??

erika lawlow schmidt 

all images via the artist's website

alexis anne mackenzie

all images via the artist's website

* they also both have three names!


  1. I prefer erika lawlow schmidt's work more. There's something more magical and imaginative to them which I adore in artwork.

  2. hmm tough one! I think I like alexis anne mackenzie's better.

  3. alexis anne mackenzie reminds of a fairy tale world


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