snail mail | a whole lot of mail & a mystery!

i was so excited when my moo cards arrived in the mail. i ran out of mini's to mail out with my shoppe orders so in the meantime i've been using these. my cards used to be black with product images on one side - and black is a colour (ahem, shade) which will always be dear to me but i'm feeling lighter and more uplifted with these white/pink cards. thank-you to savannah from maiedae who created this lovely design for my blog and shoppe

a lovely letter from my friend shawna back in ontario. she has a penchant for purple!

i finished off the mother's day envelopes by tucking these simple cards i made inside and adding floral postage to the remaining two. 

i was totally delighted to receive this artsy klimpt card in the mail. a lot of you left some really nice and supportive comments on this post. but miss holly here wrote me a good old fashioned letter and gave me some advice based on her own recent experiences. i was so touched!

this is my art themed response to holly's note card - i cut up pages from canadian art auction catalogues and made a little booklet, in which i wrote my response to her.

here's a fun game - i truly recommend that you try it! cut open the end of an envelope while on the bus (yes, i do keep scissors in my purse). then, yank the card out really hard so that you throw paper confetti on all of the other riders! surprise - happy anniversary! jokes - thanks alex! 

an old friend sent me one of those funny lottery chain mail letters - remember them? send this ticket back to such and such person, and then send out six more to your friends. in two weeks you'll have thirty six lottery tickets and maybe you'll get rich! well - i'm not expecting a thing in return but i respect this old school snail mail fun so i'm sending these off today!

and now it's time for...a mystery! i received this amazing fold out set of post cards in the mail last week. there is no return address so i have no idea who it is from and i am going crazy! we know it's likely from the united kingdom because of the postage but other than that i am at a loss! if you are my secret sender - tell me please!*

* really i suppose anyone could take credit at this point!


  1. I once received an anonymous postcard too! It was less interesting than your anonymous zine but I got both freaked out and happy at the same time :D
    That person never showed up, I hope yours will :)
    Anyway your letters-- wow. Papergasm!

  2. A mystery sender- so intriguing! Love looking at all of your beautiful snail mail! :)

  3. i love your new cards!!! :) i need to order more soon too.


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