art crawl | amy friend

i wish amy was my friend!!* because if i had a friend who was such an amazing artist i'm willing to bet some of that amazing talent would rub off on me. i've chosen two series from amy friend's portfolio to share with you today. the first, "daré alla lucé," is a number of vintage images in which the artist has pricked holes, allowing light to shine through. they are mesmerizing, and somewhat magical. the second set of images entitled "soon this space will be too small," features nightgowns belonging to her immigrant grandmother immersed in water. the works are slightly eerie but i also find them to be quite calming.

what art inspires you? be it photography, paintings, drawings, graphic design or fashion - post about an artist and link up below!

*i should really know better than to make jokes/puns about other people's last names! do you know how many times i've heard "kaitlyn! have some patience!"?


  1. Great post! love it :) Keep posting,you're blog is really great!

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  2. I really like the second to last photograph. And you're right, they are pretty eerie, and yet I can't stop looking at them...

  3. Just about any art can inspire me, but I do love seeing things that people have hand drawn.

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  4. i adore all of these. the eery feeling makes it tragic and beautiful.

  5. I have to say those vintage pics with the holes of lighting are AMAZE!!! Really brings out the darkness of the pictures and lightens them up in so many ways!

    Thanks for sharing these amazing pics! I have no clue about any artists or pictures so your options are superb!


  6. Thank you for including my work in your super blog! I thought I would share an artist I just love!
    She is also Canadian here name is Emma Nishimura

    Amy Friend

    1. thanks for stopping by amy! i love the artist you recommended and will definitely be featuring her at some point!


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