art vs. art | matthew brandt vs. tchmo

alright ladies - put your voting hats on!*

you may remember this post about gabriel dawe and anne lindberg - that was what inspired me to create this new bi-weekly feature "art vs. art." i'm pretty pumped about it, because the more i look for it, the more i find art which is very similar. it's bound to happen right? but the question is...who does it better?

today i have two amazing artists for you. matthew brandt i have featured before, and his art vs. art competitor is tchmo. no last name, like madonna and beyonce. 

matthew brandt takes photographs of scenery/water bodies, and then from what i can gather, he soaks the print in the water which is featured within the image. for example, the very red image below is entitled veil lake ca 5 and the medium is described as "c print soaked in veil lake water." so that's how he gets those cool effects - pretty amazing right?

tchmo is very mysterious. he doesn't say much about his work except "i mash things up." it's anyone's guess as to how - whether it involves a double exposure, or work done in the dark room or photoshop. heck, maybe he is literally mashing together two different images. in fact - for all i know these are paintings not photographs. either way the result is some pretty amazing grainy overlays of colour and image.

but, you can't deny their similarity - so which do you prefer and why??

 all images via the artist's websites

* that's silly - no one really wears hats anymore - much less voting hats!


  1. I think they are both beautiful. I'm no art critic, but I think I prefer the tchmo pieces. I love the interesting mix of color and the natural world in both, but the tchmo pieces seem more ethereal and softer to me. I like that. Brandt's work seems kind of harsh, the reds and yellows remind me of fire and blood. I would put the tchmo work all over my house, but the Brandt work is too "scary" or something to me.

    1. you certainly don't have to be an art critic to choose one over the other. i always worry people feel intimidated by art. as i talk about in my e-course - the best you can do it learn something about it (like i did with brandt's work, and Tried to do with tchmos). but then, even after learning something about it - you may come to like it. or you may still dislike it. it's just about your own aesthetic.

      and yes, i totally agree - i'm fascinated by matthew's methods but decor wise...tchmo's the way to go!

  2. Love Matthew Brandt's work! To risk sounding cliche, they are so organic. I love artists who play with processes and unconventional materials. What a way to elevate the (sometimes stagnant) landscape genre!

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  3. tchmo is my favourite out of the two here, I just like the mountains and the colours...I am very simple to please!

  4. Anonymous29.3.12

    I prefer tchmo's imagery & palette but love the watery feel of Brandt's work. Do I really have to choose?! OK, tchmo it is then.

    Love this new feature!


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