snapshot | key fiasco, wolf/sheep and something good

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one | an image i took as i was wrapping a gift for my friend who has a newborn girl. it's a diy i tried inspired by these ones on etsy. i used a beautiful green leaf patterned fabric covered copy of jane austen's "persuasion." a tip for anyone wanting to try this? it's no walk in the park!

two | this week i lost one of my work keys. i can barely explain how my heart leapt in my chest when i realized it. it resulted in a very frustrating weekend but luckily i found it today!

three | i went to an awesome graffiti/underground style art show this past weekend. it featured some of the pieces i snapped last week as they were preparing them for exhibition. i can't wait to share all the photos with you!

four | my husband bought suspenders this week. it's hot. that is all.

five | ahhh more something good products! i am beyond pleased with how the envelopes turned out - totally (typo)graphically delicious!

six | i just really liked this school so i snapped a pic but i included it because as i was taking a pictures - the owner was standing behind me. waiting for me to finish...awkward...

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