feature art friday | matthew brandt

it's no secret that art turns me on. but like all fetishes, some do the trick better than others. i really like when artists have photographs but then take it to another level - such as using them in a collage, burying them in an encaustic work, or writing on them with sharpies and creating graffiti.

matthew brandt takes it above and beyond in his photographic series "lakes and reservoirs."* i first saw his work on design crush and was blown away when i read that he uses water taken from each location in the development process. it's amazing to me how altering the surface of the photography creates an entirely new layer of art which coincides so perfectly with the scene behind it. and because i'm also interested in the way art is presented, i included the last picture. i thought it was very interesting that all the works were grouped so tightly together. i'm not necessarily of the "art needs room to breathe" school - but these do need it don't you think? each piece is so powerful and brilliant!

* just for kicks, check out the titles in this taste tests series


  1. Wow! These are amazing! I just couldn't ever even fathom coming up with something like that.

  2. Cool. I can see why you like these :)

  3. Wow these are stunning! My jaw literally dropped. Gorgeous

  4. Wow, those pictures are awesome!!


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