feature art | anne lindberg vs. gabriel dawe

the other day my friend freyja sent me a link to a cool artist. when i clicked on it i thought "what a coincidence, i just came across this myself the other day on jealous curator!" but then i realized that it was different artwork - very similar concepts though! i myself prefer the work of anne lindberg (the first four images + video). despite my perfectionist nature, i enjoy the way her work emulates something organic like a cloud, or the dust that gathers between long ignored nooks and crannies. 

gabriel dawe's installations however, feel very mathematical and scientific. i think the colours are fun but the threading itself reminds me of those spiral graphs of my youth. on the outset, they seem fun - but when you get right down to it they are based on mathematical concepts and scarily resemble x/y graphs.

do they seem similar to you? which do you prefer??


  1. Anonymous17.3.12

    I definitely prefer the more organic simplicity of Lindberg's work. Anything that reminds me of math is not my fave! ;-)

  2. love lindberg's work! thanks for sharing, i so enjoy finding new artists through your blog. keep it up!

    1. that's really great to hear :) i often feel that blogging about art is like trying to fight a losing battle so it's refreshing to hear that people actually enjoy it!


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