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last week ashley from after nine to five was encouraging other bloggers to participate in blog positivity week. i think this is a wonderful idea - particularly because this is a topic which is very close to my heart. you see - the online world is very important to me. each and every day i feel inspired by the things i find online. i am touched by the words of other bloggers, wooed by their photographs and excited by the links they include. it seems like every link leads me down a new and interesting path...

but here's the the thing. other people don't get this. my family, my non blogger friends and my work colleagues just don't understand. generally when speaking to these people, i feel like blogging is a silly little dalliance. but secretly it feels like so much more than that! it feels exciting and important and i like that.

i've been blogging for over three years now but only became involved in the blogging community last year around this time. it was great because that year the majority of my incredible grad school friends moved away. i went from feeling part of an amazing group of fascinating women - to feeling quite lonely. i still have a few close friends on the island, including my best friend (who i'm pretty sure diligently reads my blog, bless her heart) but i was no longer going out with that group of friends and discovering new galleries and restaurants and events. so i replaced that active discovery with an online version. and although that sounds a little pathetic to some - i'll say it again - other bloggers get it. 

in addition i've met so many amazing people in the blogger community. many of which i consider to be my friends. and i can only hope they feel the same way. so to you blog world - i say thank-you.


  1. Well said, Kaitlyn! Blogging treats me the same way. The amount of encouragement and inspiration is absolutely astounding in our blog world! :)

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  3. I completely get what you mean! I started my blog when I moved to a new state and away from my closest friends and family but I never realised the blog community would come to mean so much to me. I also feel that way about my blog that non-bloggers just don't really understand. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who feels like that sometimes!

  4. Blogging can be a bit of an addiction, but a positive one. I think it definitely helps you find a community of like-minded people, and that is worth something in anyone's life!

  5. I absolutely agree with you. The amount of creative input I have received through blogging is unbelievable and also the support you receive from fellow bloggers is fantastic. Lifts my spirits any time!

  6. Anonymous28.3.12

    Love You ...Kaitlyn

    one of the girls who moved away,

  7. Anonymous28.3.12

    You have beautifully articulated what I feel every day. I started blogging after leaving a long-term ( and somewhat unstable/ slightly co-dependant ) work situation and in anticipation of hubby & I moving across the country and traveling for 3-4 years. It has truly been a lifeline for me, as it fuels my passion for art, design & writing and fills my days while the hubby is working. As we're traveling all the time, we are meeting new people constantly and of course, they inevitably ask what I do. Trying to explain what it means to be an art blogger is often trying at best. ;-) But like you, I've met so many incredible people through blogging ( yourself included! ) and feel like it is the most important and stimulating work I've ever done!

    PS- Thanks for including Artsy Forager in your Bloglovin' screen capture! ;-)

    1. i think your comment was more well put than my whole blog post! i know what you mean about a life line. for me it goes both ways. i get inspired by lots of things in real life and want to share them with people who care but also i see a lot of the same art in real life in my work and want to find new inspiration online! and yes, frankly i think art bloggers get a tough go of it because the whole food/lifestyle/fashion blogs have become mainstream in that most people know it's a thing. but art blogs not so much!


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