pregnancy 0.6

i'm just past twenty one weeks and this little guy is the size of a spaghetti squash (that's a bit hard to believe...they must mean that he could fit length to length inside a spaghetti squash). i've been working on cooking this little munchkin and he's finally one pound in weight.

but do i like being pregnant?

huh, that's a thinker isn't it? last week jon came home and asked me just that. he said that he'd been discussing it with some female coworkers and they asked if i liked being pregnant. and he wasn't exactly able to answer that so he brought the query straight to the source. my response went something like this:

"i'm not like, totally in love with the experience and feeling all maternal and spiritual and stuff. but i do realize that many woman have a much worse experience than i have. which means i don't hate it and i don't love it. so basically i'm like, sort of indifferent*, and somewhere in the middle."**

and he said "yes, that's exactly what i thought." he's not expecting me to turn into some sort of zen baby growing machine, and he'll also be understanding if the nausea and the anxiety and the sheer "uncomfortableness" of it all starts to get to me. and i guess that's why we are married, because we know each other so well!

i'm curious if anyone else has ever been...somewhere in the middle? on the fence? not quite sure how to feel? because from what i've heard, most woman either loooove it, or haaaate it.

* i don't mean indifferent in the sense that i could care less if i was pregnant. this was totally planned and we are thrilled that it worked for us on the first try (we truly thought it might be our lot in life to struggle with it. but that doesn't mean i don't want it to be march already!

** for the record i also love the look of being pregnant. but alas that is not the whole experience.


  1. I love you.

    Also, I'm glad he asked.

  2. Anonymous15.11.13

    "zen baby growing machine" is the quote of the day.

  3. I am there with you. Being 28 weeks and having been sick the whole time not enjoying it , not hating it but wouldn't change being pregnant for the world. Perhaps if it was all sunshine and rainbows I would love it. However being blessed with one, even with a struggle when so many aren't as lucky puts it in perspective and curbs my complaints.


thanks for your comment, i love hearing your thoughts!