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as i wait anxiously to see new product photos of my stationery, i find myself drawn to designers that present their goodies in unique ways. below i have compiled a list of etsy sellers who show you more than just the finished product.

i love how this artist has neatly placed all of the materials used to make the prints below. and the way she animates and titles her wooden brooches with the speech bubble is too cute for words!

 i think this is a brilliant way of presenting these brooches. it's cute, clean, neat and perfect in a pinch when a model is not available!

oh this artist has such style. i love her newest presentation method - showing the finished necklace (and sometimes the before image!) next to the tiles used to complete it. it really makes the pieces and the process seem real.

i love the additional illustration and costume that give these jewellery pieces a bit of character and story.

these photos may be some of my favourite! i love how upper tiny includes the used materials in these images. it's not unusual in stamp sales to include the stamp, and a piece of paper with the stamped image. but in this last image, it's actually the journal that is for sale!


  1. Great compilation! The brooches on the hand-drawn background are ah-freakin-dorable.

  2. Thank you so much for featuring my work.

  3. god, great finds!! in love with everything in this post. I wish I am as talented

    Katrina Sophia Blog


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