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sometimes i post art online and i say "you really have to see this in person." or i say "i really wish i could see this in person." because of course, to do so would clarify material use, and type of foundation. it also usually cements the awesomeness of artwork.

but i don't think i've ever really meant it until now. or at least, i mean it now more than ever. i want to see these in person. i discovered yago hortal on the jealous curator, and she too was blown away.

sometimes when my husband and i look at abstract art together he says "i don't get it, what is it supposed to be?" and i tell him "it's not supposed to be anything! sometimes it's just about the paint."

well this ladies (and gentlemen?), is JUST about the paint.

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  1. it might look like just like strokes and that everybody can do that but it is actually pretty clever, the colours, separated very well and the patterns are damn beautiful!

    Katrina Sophia Blog


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