snail mail | victoria memories + life/work switch

remember here i said i wanted to make maps of victoria? well i did some a big one, as well as some smaller outlines, and hope to fill them in with various notes, graphs, markings etc (god i really love maps!). in this instance i typed a letter inside one to a friend who used to live here. i even traced part of the map onto the envelope. the letter was full of memories of our time together here. 

i also found two "life/work" postcard style papers in the latest issue of uppercase magazine (amazing creative read!). each card had "work" on one side and "life" on the other. i sent one of each to two friends in ontario. these cards felt particularly pertinent to me right now as my summer was filled with work (so much work!) but now it's time to concentrate a bit more on life (in more ways than one!). 

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