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recently someone asked me if i knew of anyone who does art hanging in victoria. it reminded me of when i lived in waterloo ontario, and i went with a co-worker to hang art in a medical office. my co-worker's name was sarah kernohan, and she is an excellent artist.

"for kernohan, the act of drawing becomes an immersive activity akin to wandering and meditation,and the traces left behind are a record of that experience."

as you know, i've been thinking about maps a lot lately, and how i want to make one of my own, to record my own experience in victoria. i was inspired by sarah's work and liked the idea of plain black pen on white paper. so today i projected google maps terrain onto a large piece of white matboard and got to work - it's not quite done yet but it looks exactly how i wanted it to!

below i'm going to post some beautiful drawings and details by sarah and then a quick pic of my own victoria, canada map in progress.

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