patience made | thinking about maps

sometimes when i'm bored at night and feeling adventurous, i go traveling. i visit all kinds of places - my favourites being sydney, australia, the coliseum in rome, and my parent's old house in the country. if you haven't guessed...i'm on google maps. sometimes i use satellite, sometimes i don't. in actuality, i'm not much of a traveller (not yet?), but i do love to look at maps. 

my favourite map to look at is one of vancouver island and victoria, bc proper. i love to think of all my favourite places and to think about how these little lines and waterbodies have become a part of me. i've been thinking a lot about maps lately because i want to create one of victoria. below i have included a list of "creative cartographers" who use maps as inspiration, collage, science and mixed media. 

i'm looking to do something more straightforward though - i imagine a gigantic sheet of arches watercolour paper, a thin black pilot pen, and a projector of google maps terrain. i want to mark down every inch of every road. and then somehow, i'll highlight my most special places...

 quick outlines of maps of victoria and vancouver island by kaitlyn webb patience:


  1. Such cool maps!

    xx Kaisa


  2. I love maps too! I use them all the time in my paintings. I even made stencil contour maps of Japan and Canada to use as patterns. I drew all the streets in downtown Vancouver freehand and it took three days!

    I really like the look of contour lines as well. Natural Resources Canada here was offering old maps free to artists, and I was lucky enough to score some. I've been painting on them recently, and here's the link. (I hope it's okay to post a link, but I'm just so excited about maps!!!)


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