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on july sixteenth i called my father, my mother and my aunt, in that order. for twenty minutes i chatted with them - mostly about how awful and hectic my dad had been. tuesdays in july and august were (supposed to be) my days off. instead they turned into "errand" days which usually resulted in me running about the city with (i'm not exaggerating here) twenty things to do. meetings, bank deposits, gallery visits, supply pick up and other endless "to dos."

on july sixteenth everything seemed to overlap in the worst way. while i was at a meeting with the community arts council, the public library and the ministry of casual living, i had to step out to take a call from a ted harrison customer (who in the end wasn't fully ready to commit to a print!). my bridesmaid dress alteration was punctuated by a terribly disappointing email that implied the print work for my festival was no longer going to be free. a meeting with my event planner to look at spaces was interrupted by a phone call from the bus company saying they weren't sure they could adapt a route to fit the festival. and when i was finally on my way home, i left the art supplies i had purchased at a bus stop, and received a call from my book keeper wanting an updated print inventory within 24 hours. so i went home, had a little cry, and fell asleep.

i woke up when i heard my husband returning from work. without greeting him, i walked straight into the washroom and took a pregnancy test. still sleepy and bleary eyed, i thought i might be dreaming when i saw that the test had come up positive! i literally rubbed my eyes like a cartoon character. i have no idea what made me take the test at that exact moment. maybe i instinctively felt i needed to turn my day around.

so after chatting with each family member for quite awhile i said something to the effect of "yes, it's been a pretty terrible day. but on the upside, i just found out i'm pregnant!" the disbelief that followed was perfect. all that time on the phone without mentioning it kind of threw them for a loop!

but i wouldn't do that to you.


  1. Wow, that sounds like quite a day!! Congrats to you on the baby!

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  3. congratulations! that's a great way to turn around your day! All the best :)


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