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people have a lot of different opinions on valentines day. and i suspect some have no opinion at all!

i love valentines day. and yes, i have experienced it while being single. and no, my husband is not the kind of man to blow my socks of with v-day surprises (though he's surprisingly good with birthday scavenger hunts...).

but that doesn't mean i don't love valentines day. i'm sure i've waxed poetic on this topic before, but maybe it's worth repeating. there are three hundred and sixty-five days in a year - why not dedicate one of them to expressing our love for one another? a day that's sole purpose is for us to remind our family, friends and lovers just how much they mean to us. i think that is amazing.

and i guess it bothers people that the day has been "watered down" into cards and flowers and chocolate. but i guess the way i see those things is as solutions for those that aren't necessarily creative enough to think of something else.

but me? yup, i love it. how about you?

p.s. if your still looking for sweet gift ideas - here's one of mine!


  1. I used to love Valentine's day. Even when I was single I hoped something would come through the letter box. I was always disappointed :P but now I have my boyfriend, it doesn't seem to matter to me as much anymore, oddly enough. He doesn't have much of an opinion on Valentine's day, but he said that if I wanted to do anything for it to just say so. But, I don't. I'm not as interested as I used to be. Sure, flowers, chocolates, cards, presents, that's all nice, and the extra affection on the day is wonderful, but I can go without it.
    I think it boils down to the fact, however, that Seeg and I are never alone together. We live with my parents since I'm my mum's carer while my dad works full time, so the idea of "romance" is not one we can have. We don't go out because we can't afford it, and there's nowhere to go anyway, and we're happy staying in anyway.

    My parents go on holiday once or twice a year for a week at a time, and last year and this year again it has fallen right next to our anniversary. We bypass Valentine's day and just wait until May. It means more to us anyway, and any lovely valentine's day ideas I've come across on blogs or pinterest I save up until then.

    If Seeg were interested in doing anything for Valentine's day, then I'd certainly be on board, but I really don't mind skipping it. It makes our anniversary that bit better ^^

  2. my FAVE month of the year because it's all about the love in the air, pink and red!!! Last year, I got the idea from Pinterest to make a deck of 52 reasons I love HIM and put them on the face of a deck of cards!

    Arts and craft... here we go!


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