musings | observation+love (a valentines gift idea)

there's one gift that i have always wanted from my partner. and like most people, since i want it so bad - i give him various versions of it. it's the most heartfelt, unique and thoughtful gift i can think of.

are you curious yet?

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around this time six years ago when i was in university, i made a collection of folded miniature red origami stars. you know the kind - you make them with one long strip of paper and write secret messages inside. i made about sixty and inside, on each strip of paper was a reason i love him. some big things, other's small details. i presented them to him in a jar on valentines day and he opened one a day for two months. doesn't that sound awesome? to wake up each day and get to see a reason your partner loves you (at the time we lived an hour apart so it worked even better). i mean come on - that's a great gift!

you can put pen to paper and write out as many as you can. or, you can take more time - over a period of about month or so write down a thought in your notebook or smartphone whenever you think "i love when..." or "i love how..." (start now for valentines day!) things like "i love how kind you are" is good, but a better example would be "i love how polite you are to cashiers at fast food restaurants" or "i love when you offer to make me hot chocolate every evening." (real life examples of why i love my husband, yay!). because isn't it the specifics that we really want to hear? we all want to know why someone feels about us the way they do and if it's more precise, it's easier to know why they choose to be with you (and not someone else is is also kind). i think deep down, we all just really want someone to know us and our little quirks (good and bad).

so again, here's a video. and as it recommends, you should make the strips a bit smaller...it's actually easier when the paper is tighter together. have fun and let me know how it goes.

*crossing my fingers that i receive this for v-day. anyone wanna send this link to my husband??


  1. I love these things. I only learnt to make them a few months ago. I like to use them as cupcake bunting :D I've made my boyfriend several, but never wrote anything in them. They're Chinese, but there was never really any meaning behind them - it was just origami - but a movie came out a while ago where someone gave another person a jar of 1000 origami stars, and now it's generally thought that a wish will come true. Certain numbers of stars mean certain things.

    I never thought to write anything in them, though, how wonderful!

  2. Lovely, beautifully romantic idea!

    Once I made my husband (though we weren't married then) a book all about him and why I loved him, with collage and drawings and poems and lists and all kinds of other things. But it made him feel shy and overwhelmed. He is not necessarily one for grand gestures. But I see the romance in all the amazing unselfish things he has done and does for me. Those are the kinds of things I'd write in the stars.

  3. That is such a sweet idea :)

  4. Sweetest. I hope you get that.


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