snail mail | letters that brighten your day

i find "letters that brighten your day" generally includes all letters. but i mention it because this week i received three perfect letters that really left me feeling refreshed and connected to these friends who are far away. one letter was comforting and full of joy, another was very real and informative, and the last was short but sweet/sarcastic. which is exactly the way my friend is. it's amazing to me how well a letter can capture someone's voice and while reading, you feel like they are sitting there right next to you, watching as you laugh at their witty remarks.

the neat thing about all of the envelopes below is that i made them! (or, provided the pieces to make them, as with the last one). it's always such a strange thing to get my own stationery in the mail...but also fun to see how people use it and to see how it looks after it's been traveling.

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  1. Beautiful letters! It's nice to get post.


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