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from late april until early november, there aren't any gift giving holidays for jon and i to celebrate together*. this is a fact that makes me incredibly sad, but i'm quite certain he relishes those seven months! me, i make the most of father's day, my brother's birthday, thanksgiving and halloween. why? because i just love holidays! depending on what religion you are, and even if you aren't religious, there are about ten-fifteen holidays through the year (give or take birthdays of loved ones and anniversaries, and i'm counting christmas as a cultural as well as religious holiday at this point). 

so think about it..fifteen days in year, out of three hundred and sixty five. it doesn't seem like a lot now does it? it's not really!

and what could be more wonderful than fifteen days which are directly intended to celebrate family, friendship, love, thankfulness and camaraderie? can you think of anything more beautiful?

and yet people seem to struggle with holidays. they hate them. they think it's stupid. they don't know what to give people. why do they have to give gifts at all? it's just one day. what's the point?

the point my dear friends, is to celebrate and honour your friends and loved ones. i truly can't think of anything more wonderful than fifteen days dedicated to this task! some people say that they can show they care any day of the year, and why does it have to be delegated to valentines day, or christmas?

but the way i see it, people tend to forget to cherish the one they loves with overt forms of communication. over time we begin to take each other for granted and fall into the comfort of patterns and everyday life. so there is absolutely nothing wrong with a little reminder...a little push. and when we remember just how lucky we are to have these people in our lives, we can write a little card, and give a little gift to show them how we feel.

nothin' at all wrong with that...

* i mean, in celebration of each other, of our relationship. involving gifts usually. 


  1. no doubt that your love language is gift giving!

  2. Anonymous15.5.12

    Don't forget your anniversaries! & you can always have anniversaries for different steps in your relationship (anniversary of meeting eachother/ any other important things that have happened). I love holidays too! But they do stress me out, so I can understand how some people don't love them.

  3. Great post! I love holidays - ALL of them! I'm especially big on birthdays! It's your own special day... it can't be any better than that!


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