art vs. art | tiffany pelcz vs. jessica durrant

in scrolling through my daily etsy finds email, i noticed a little tribute section to new york and all that it has gone through in the past week. the featured image was by tiffany pelcz art. it reminded me very much of jessica durrant's art - who, by the way is one of the teachers in my "make art a part (of your life)" e-course.  i'll post the comparative images below and let you decide whose watercolour work you prefer. me? i enjoy jessica's more because it seems so effortless!

jessica durrant

tiffany pelcz


  1. Those are so beautiful! Thanks for showing this artist--I'm gonna look into her work now!

  2. I agree, Jessica's work seems more fluid and clean. Love it!

  3. The Long Island print has warmed my heart.

  4. do i have to choose one over the other? i like them both. i really do! :)


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