musings | christmas

on saturday november third, i put up my christmas tree. well, to be more specific, my husband put up the tree and i decorated it. for me, decorating a christmas tree is an almost spiritual experience. not religious - spiritual. i find it to be calming, meditative, and beautiful. i turn on christmas carols, make a cup of cider or hot chocolate, and slowly place each ornament and candy cane just so. having the tree up and fully decorated makes me so happy! i love the light it gives off at night, and i love sitting and staring at it in the early mornings.

not everyone feels this way about christmas and trees and carols. i heard that at a local chain of drugstores they started playing christmas carols on november first and all the customers got so mad that they made an executive decision to delay it for two more weeks. isn't that funny? and silly? i mean, why do people get so mad and up in arms about the holidays? i think i get it...they hate the line ups right? they hate the sheer christmas centrality for two whole months? they hate trying to find gifts for people? maybe some people don't have family and that makes them lonely?

see, i have theories as to why people hate the holidays, but i don't really get it. all i see is a time of year where we celebrate love, a beautiful (if not entirely accurate) story of humankind, relationships, music, and giving. i think that's amazing! and i love every single part of it.


  1. The only reason why I get annoyed with Christmas decorations right now is that we haven't celebrated Thanksgiving yet, I like to celebrate one holiday at a time and I put up Christmas decorations over it. But I'm not about to protest and complain about it, what other people do is their choice. And yet, with that being said, I'm about to email you with a Christmas stationery order...:)

  2. Oh don't get me started. There's little room in our place for a tree anymore, but I had a brain wave and just bought a wall-mounted one instead. I've got my box of decorations, now I just need some candy canes and a box of small crackers to nest in there and I'm good to go! But I think I'll wait until December. My boyfriend will go mad if I put it all up now!
    I'm so excited I could scream.

  3. I'm kind in love with the idea of putting our Christmas tree up now. I love the twinkle too, colorful twinkle here. Last year we left it up until March, this year we'll need to take it down right after the new year. I used to be less in love with the holidays, especially the tunes, but now I'm infatuated and can't wait to decorate!

  4. oh you lucky bitch! (i seriously just yelled that in my apartment.).. jealous!! i'm not allowed to put mine up until dec 1 - it's a happy compromise between me (who wants it up NOW) and John (who wants it up Dec 20th). LUCKY!

    p.s. i often wonder the same thing - what is up with the anger and hostility toward celebrating the holidays early? so? what's the big deal? if you don't want to, then don't. same with people who get all up in arms about people with tattoos - who cares? why do they care whether they find a job or not? Are they jealous? Concerned for their health? so confusing!


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