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there is no start and end date for this course. you may register at any time!


i'm so pleased that you are curious about how to make art a part (of your life)! this is an eight week e-course that will assist you in opening your eyes, your mind and your heart - to art. there are many ways to experience this course. you can choose to do it at the suggested eight week pace, or you can finish it sooner or later than eight weeks. you can also choose to participate in the interactions and creations and share them with me and my readers, or you can enjoy them by yourself. 

art can be so many things - beautiful, enlightening, brazen and breath-taking. it can also be disturbing, intimidating, alienating or largely ignored. my favourite quote about art is by american author willa cather: "what is any art but a mould in which to imprison for a moment the shining, elusive element which is life itself - life hurrying past us and running away, too strong to stop, too sweet to lose" i think this is so true. sometimes i can't believe how quickly time slides by, and what a wonderful thing it is for an artist to capture a scene, a sliver of a moment, or an emotion that we feel. this is why i make art a part of my life.

if you have any questions after reading this course description, please don't hesitate to contact me: patience[at]isavirtue[dot]net

the finer details

the material below fully covers everything you can imagine when it comes to bringing art into your life, from the history of art and visiting galleries with friends, to falling it love with it and how to hang it at the perfect height in your home. the course is broken down into a number of sections including:

perception: we will look at pre-existing stereotypes and perceived notions of art, both in general and your personal feelings.

appreciation: perhaps the most important part of this course, i will teach you how to question, appreciate, respect and enjoy art.

inspiration: artists gain inspiration from a number of places, and so can we. we will look at how various forms of art can inspire you on a daily basis.

education: it wouldn't be right to teach a course without any real education so this section will include a bit of art history and some of the more technical aspects of art.

decoration: one of the best ways to add art to your life is to add it to your decor. we will cover the types of art, the cost, the installation and how to care for it. 

socialization: the second most important part of this course. we will look at ways to integrate art events into your life and your social activities. 

exploration: this section will encourage you to make art a part of your travel plans.

interaction: throughout the course i will ask you various questions based on the material you have read. the idea behind these questions is to offer you the opportunity to interact with me and the subject matter. the questions will be totally optional - you can answer all of them, some, or none at all. if you do choose to email me your answer, i will happily respond with my own thoughts on the subject.

creation: i lied, this is the best part of the course. see below.

make art

to fully make art a part of your lives, this section will allow you to try your hand at various art forms. each week will have a theme and will include various projects for you to choose from. i have invited artist/bloggers from all over the web/world to create these projects for you. see below for a list of contributers!

*as with the interaction portion of the course, these projects are completely optional - you can even save them for a later date if you like! all of the projects will be inexpensive, time-conscious and aimed at beginners. if you do choose to send me photographs of your finished projects, i will share some of them on the course site and intermittently on my own blog:


for the reading portion of the course, you need only a computer and an internet connection. for the creation projects, you will be told only what tools are absolutely necessary for each project. some projects will cost very little, and for others you will already have the tools necessary (photoshop, a camera, paper, pencil, baking ingredients etc). 


the cost of this course is $45.00. 

you may register at any time. there is no specific begin and end date for this course. after you register, you will be sent an invitation to a private online course website within twenty-four hours (but usually much less). you can access the site at anytime for up to one year.


mollie from wild olive
lindsay from scenic glory
zoe from pretty zoo
tara from sew tara
kristina from buy some love
hannah from hannah truly
erika from a tiny rocket
kait from miss kait online 
cassie from the veda house
rachell from no mark at all
kelly from let's die friends
lily from little birds
jessica from jessica durant
ping from pings zoo
nataly from beautifully elegant
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