lowercase gallery | andrew valko

i was recently introduced to the work of andrew valko by a local gallery owner. the work is graphic, insightful and a perfect rendering of our time. the over-arching theme is voyeurism. in some works, a man watches a women who stares at us as we watch her. in others, women capure images of themselves (or is it us, the viewer?) using cell phones, web cams, polaroids and video cameras. i've pieced together some of my favourites in the lowercase gallery, and i would love to hear your feedback.
*please note that while i have chosen some of the tamer images, there is some graphic content.


  1. The voyeuristic quality is really interesting. It seems like our lives mirror that so much thanks to social media, blogs, etc. The kind of "peeping Tom" point of view always makes work like this seem slightly creepy, but really, aren't we the ones constantly putting ourselves on display for the world to see? If not physically, theoretically?

    Great exhibition, Kaitlyn!

    1. you definitely hit the nail on the head lesley. i agree, although we have gained some sense of privacy and safety since the rise of the internet and technology, we still put ourselves on display each and every day. we may feel sneaky because we are watching someone else...but all that means is that someone is watching us in some way.


thanks for your comment, i love hearing your thoughts!