exhibition opening | meghan hildebrand

do you know what time it is? OBSESSION TIME!!!

i've always liked meghan hildebrand's artwork. i think i first saw it in "poster on canvas" format while working at a little gallery/decor shop. i thought it was hipper than much of the other canvases (which were of ducks and flowers and rocks). though at that time her work was less abstract and more representational. then i was introduced to some of her originals at madrona gallery in downtown victoria. i could see her style altering even then - in a good way! but this week i saw her newest collection.

and it's neon.

and i am in love.

and so today, the lowercase gallery is featuring the beautiful artwork of meghan hildebrand. from her newest series, "flotsam, jetsam, lagan and derelict."*

*take note of the titles at the end of the gallery. they ROCK.


  1. Gorgeous choice! Love her work.

  2. So so beautiful!!! Love her work to bits! :) Thanks for sharing!
    xo Jenny


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