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for the past two weeks i have been trying to avoid buying useless craft supplies. i think it's safe to say that i not only succeeded. i totally aced this one!! i didn't buy a single craft item - useless or otherwise. it probably helped that heather and gentri both mailed me rubber stamps (i was satiated on that front). however, i still found myself right near a craft store one day that i don't get to go to very often. and i had time to kill! but i didn't go in! i was also at an art store getting supplies for work and didn't buy any for myself. yaaay kaitlyn!

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this week's sin is not for chumps. for the next two weeks i am (apparently!) going to avoid eating processed food. i know kristy is laughing. but to help you understand why this is so hard...for me, eating a can of campbell's soup and some toast would be a good lunch. as in, healthy. i know deep down it's not actually and that i should make my own darn soup and put butter on my toast instead of margarine. i love easy food and and i've been told i'm craaazy - because i actually enjoy the taste of mechanically processed food over natural. maybe it's the way i grew up. my mother always made sure we had balanced meals and there was never any treats in the house. but she bought the "chicken+pork+whatever else was in the factory that day" hot dogs as opposed to "all beef." so now i prefer them. i'm going to try and look up some recipes and actually cook something in the next two weeks but i think the overall goal here will be food that doesn't come from a can or a box. that's the best i can do.

goodbye alphagetti.

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  1. i wasn't laughing - i was super stoked for you!! yay! haha... the only thing is you'll have to set aside time to actually cook and prep your meals. you can do that though :)

    also - if you are used to process foods, of COURSE you prefer them! i used to eat boxed, canned, and frozen stuff all the time. it took some time and some serious effort (and learning about the processed food system - ick! you can read my paper on it if it helps haha) to make the transition to fresh whole foods.Now i eat something processed and i can tell immediately and i often just chuck it away. it tastes fake.

    Oh I'm so excited for this one! let me know if i can help at all!

  2. Hmm, well I think I eat pretty healthy, only occasionally falling off the wagon...directly into a bag of chips.
    But my sin is totally craft supplies. I can't resist new supplies that I think will make my life better in some bizarre way. Currently I desire this heated stencil cutter in the Opus newsletter. I once joined a Yahoo group where you swap/gift your old craft supplies, but on the first day I saw all the cool and useless things people were posting, I knew I had to quit the group because I would trade my old stuff for more stuff, take everyone's excess stuff and soon become an episode of Hoarders!

  3. What Kristy said is so true! My single-gal life was fueled on a lot of processed food, then when my hubby & I got together, his preference for whole foods changed the way I cooked, shopped and ate. There are still some things that I buy processed but the bulk of our diet comes from whole fruits & veggies. You will notice the difference when you go back & eat the processed stuff after you've gone whole.

    I know it's hard, good luck!


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