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there is a lot of art to be found on the internet. in the same way musicians were able to redefine themselves and share their music using myspace pages - artists can upload their artwork and have it circling the inter-web quicker than anything they could have done irl. i like to wander my favourite artsy blogs and webpages, until i stumble across something that inspires me (which is incredibly often).

that being said, i have lines and lines of art laden web urls in my evernote program - with the intention to eventually post them here. but sometimes i come across something wonderful through my job, and i'm just dying to share it!

i love these little 10x10 mixed media "collages" by vancouver island artist lara scarr. aside from having one of the coolest names i've ever come across, lara is one of those artists who has been able to prove my own assumed tastes wrong. in the same way i was never in love with watercolour (thank-you jessica durrant and cate parr for changing my mind), i don't consider myself a 'fan' of textile art. but lo and behold - these little dolls, wrapped in their own enigma, have melted my textile fearing heart. i just love the way their eyes stare at me - like they know something about me that i don't.

doll un. lara scarr. 10x10. textile mixed media 

 doll deux. lara scarr. 10x10. textile mixed media

 doll trois. lara scarr. 10x10. textile mixed media

doll quatre. lara scarr. 10x10. textile mixed media

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  1. Great ! Thank you for sharing this :)
    xx, Mri


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