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when i was purchasing my bridesmaid's gifts, i was stuck on one bridesmaid and needed just one more gift for her. she's so elegant and chic and on trend so i always struggle for what to get her (see her blog here). then i came across silver ridge studio on etsy - and fell in love. at this point i had about two weeks left to get the gift to the other side of canada, where the wedding would be. i told cate, the artist, that i was willing to pay for express shipping and she happily looked into the options for me, and packed up my purchase as quick as possible in order to get it to ups on time! she was so lovely to chat back and forth with and even included a little something extra in the package - which i received the day before the wedding yay!

i'll be honest and tell you that watercolour has never really been my thing. i respect it because i believe it is one of the harder materials to work with - but it has never really given me the frisson of excitement that i feel when i look at so many other pieces of art. but when i saw cate's work however, i was blown away. she manages to make the medium look strikingly modern, and draws you in with exquisite colours and undeniable emotion.  enjoy some of her images below!


  1. These are gorgeous!!! Wow. So wish I could do that.

  2. Wow amazing!! What did you get the rest of your bridal party?

  3. These are so lovely. I would love to have one of these done, I've seen them around and drooled every time:)

  4. i totally agree! im not a fan of watercolour normally but she makes it look so contemporary.

    i have both on my wall, but i especially love the vogue one. i had been looking for a vogue cover for my wall too, i realize i might not have told you that:)
    you are the ultimate gift giver!!

  5. So inspirational! I only ever like watercolour in fashion illustrations. So beautiful.

  6. So stunning! Definitely not a typical watercolor artist :)

    ❤ Cat brideblu

  7. Wow those are SO very gorgeous! True works of art!!!

  8. Oh wow, these are so cool! The last one is amazing

  9. Anonymous14.6.11

    what wonderful drawings!


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