sunday seller | jessica durrant

i was so delighted that watercolourist jessica durrant agreed to be a contributor to the "make art a part" e-course. in the creation section of the course, jessica will teach you how to create your very own cityscape, like the ones below. it's not often i do this but i find myself drawn back to jessica's etsy shop over and over again. i flip through her paintings, in awe of each and every one. there is something really unique and magical about them. and like cate parr from silver ridge, she takes the art of watercolour and infuses a very modern vibe into it. 


  1. Anonymous31.7.11

    So beautiful! I want to purchase the ecourse myself! These city scapes are to die for!

  2. so incredible beautiful :)I love the one of London

  3. is this the same artist that did the ones you got me? i loveeee these!


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