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project twenty-two | write in the margins of your books. underline your favourite passages. then, make sure to put the books back into circulation. 

alterations | i just bought this book so i won't be donating it quite yet!

when i first read this book, i borrowed it from the library. there was a number of passages that really resonated with my art loving soul. i'm going to share them with you below.

p 68 "these objects were not old paintings bound in gold frames like their uptown counterparts; these were free-growing sprigs of wild grass, curving around corners and hanging form ceilings."

p 97 "[the paintings] made people speak softly to one another, as if a shouted word might curdle one of the paintings and ruin it."

p 181 "yet this was the first time in conventional art history where no single movement dominated, no manifesto declared it's superiority, and diversity bounced around like spilled marbles on concrete."

p 232 "it was he, he decided, who determined he could use artist's work to make his point, not theirs. he took the artist's right to be obscure and turned it into a curator's right."

p 236 " 'but honestly, art has enriched us. with things, with thought, with conversation, with people. don't you think so hinton?"
'art has de-riched me honey.' "

"up to the seventies, are proceeded in movements...art in the eighties was at an evolutionary moment where it split into chimps, birds, fish, plants and cephalopods all at once."

p 258 "the theoretically ideal space for showing pictures was deemed a windowless white cube, an idea which was cumulative rather than birthed.
...the only things that didn't look good against it were people."

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