goodbye april | 11

april has been quite the month for me! i didn't get as much time as i wanted to focus on my etsy shop - isavirtue. that probably had something to do with the fact that i was getting married. though the nuptials didn't seem to detract from my focus on this blog. it's like a lovely little second home for me. it's nice to hop online and spend some time chatting with other bloggers and perusing various websites for inspiration. here's the inspiration i brought to the table in april:

one | i got married and shared some of my favourite pictures with you!

two | while i was away locking down the love of my life, i had some amazing bloggers do guest posts. check out what she made by lindsay from scenic glory and a feature on art by lula from lulapalooza!

three | i developed a girl crush on artists helen eady and ludovica gioscia. they fed my desire for whimsical naughtiness and exotic wallpaper.

four | i found some time to add these adorable little journals to my etsy shop!

five | i sponsored some giveaways including this one which is still open until may sixth! enter here.

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  1. that picture is adorable! and what a cute way to say goodbye to april :) [can't believe it's over already!]


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