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i won't pretend  i don't have a soft spot in my heart lately for designers from helsinki. ever since mervi, from my best friend jules redesigned my blog last month, i've begun to assume everyone from finland is as lovely and as talented as she is! now, stereotypes are never good but i've just come across tuuni on etsy and i don't think i will be proven wrong just yet.

seeing as i am obsessed with envelopes, i always have this idea in the back of my mind that fabric envelopes would be great. the problem is, i can't sew and you can't send that through the mail. well, tuija lommi has found the solution to that - envelopes to hold your envelopes! brilliant! she's full of ideas about how her adorable fabric envelopes can be put to use (storage for love letters, wedding messages, mail, tickets, maps, museum guides etc). i think they would make great clutches as well!


  1. Those are so adorable! They would make great a great clutch - that was my first thought when I looked at them!

  2. These are so lovely!! I really like the colour of the fabric of the last one :) xo

  3. Ah, those are so cute! I seriously was just wondering about an hour ago how I was going to store all my wonderful handwritten letters - those would be perfect! ♥

  4. Anonymous2.5.11

    that's why the internet is great sarah!


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