wedding photography

our wedding photography company, boston avenue (great blog, check it out) did such an incredible job at our wedding, as well as in the editing process. they were accommodating, friendly and funny! as much as i loved hanging out with j and taking mushy photos, i think my favourite part of the process was when we stopped for a cinnabon* in union station. see below for some preview pictures!

i am going to take a page out of scenic glory's book and break our wedding down into parts**. every wedenesday for the next month and a bit, i am going to write about the following parts of our wedding, and add in a sprinkling of unseen photographs. this will serve as a kind of journal for j and i, and may interest you as well - especially if you enjoy awesome photography!

wedding part five | the reception

* actually, our photographers paid for that and i think i still owe them! how can i repay them for that delicious little bite of heaven?

** i've also done a post on the subject over at bright wishes, just in case you didn't catch it. there's some different pictures there as well!


  1. amazing day- amazing photos. can't wait to see all of these posts.

  2. the one of you on the couch killed me. as did the moustache one. obviously for different reasons

  3. That is the classiest cake I've ever seen! :o And your photographs turned out looking seriously gorgeous! :)

  4. Wow you look amazing! Love the photos, and that cake, omg, that's the coolest cake ever! :)


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