feature art friday

i. love. wallpaper. see here, here, here, and here.

when i stop renting, and we buy a house or condo, i plan to wallpaper the entire place (ok, not actually, but some prime feature walls for sure!). so how was i not rolling around all giddy when i saw the work of italian artist ludovica gioscia?* this artist creates a variety of artwork but i'm in love with these amazing installations in which the wall is coated with layers upon layers of wallpaper and then peeled away in certain places to reveal the beauties underneath. it's so good i could never see another work of art and be happy for the rest of my life.** the last image, as usual, is a different style but i've included it for kicks and squiggles.

* i was! i did!
** that's a bit of a stretch/over exaggeration and would make me very sad should that be the case.
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  1. i love this. so many plans for that big day when i too own a condo or a house. ugh, can't wait. lol. great post love. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Swing by to see my picks for fash fave and fash fail of the week. xoxo


  2. I love the work of this artist, thanks for introducing me to him. I too love wallpaper but have too much clutter to cover all my walls with it!! Kat x

  3. Wow, what a great idea :D Man, I wish my boyfriend liked wallpaper, because I would totally do our house like that >.>


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