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I spent the morning writing cards - thank-you cards, congratulatory cards...and I even got a head start on mother's and father's day cards. and suddenly i had a strange deja vu from when I used to make cards as a little girl. Handmade, sure - but more specifically I was remembering the cards I used to create using American Greetings Crafts.

This awesome software had all sorts of projects, including greeting cards with predesigned themes, messages and images. You could mix and match and print them out! Of course, I didn't even know what cardstock was back then so I rocked it old school and folded a regular sheet of paper into four.

Now I'm designing and printing my own cards - and hope to try my hand at gold foil typography. The simplicity of my designs is a far cry from my American Greetings days. Still, it's neat to trace my love of cards, gifting and snail mail back to the beginning.

It would be fun if somehow i had a photo to share here of a card that I had made when I was younger.
On second thought, my parents are ruthless. A few years ago they found this "essay" my little brother wrote in grade two and he still hasn't heard the end of that one.

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