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I recently worked on a special project with Alison from The Petit Cadeau (french for 'little gift'). I admire Alison and her zest for gift giving - we also share a love of snail mail (and really, isn't a personal letter in the mail just like a gift?).

For those reasons, we teamed up to create a children's letter writing experience. I designed snail mail sets for kids - including three envelopes, three sheets of writing paper, and an awesome gold engraved pencil - all with an adorable friendly fox theme! Alison will connect Canadian and international letter writings and will also include postage and some helpful tips.

Learn more about the project here and purchase the sets here. For younger coldest, Petit Mail is available!

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  1. Oh my goodness, how cute! I think I might have to get a set, my daughter is just starting to connect with pen pals from all over the world! She would love these!


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