so long, farewell, auch wiedersehen, goodbye

i began this blog in 2009. i met a group of women in graduate school, some of whom had blogs. i began my own in an effort to channel some of their chicness and devil may care attitude. those women are trendsetters so needless to say their blogs are long gone. but here i am, six years later.

for me, blogging was an outlet for inspiration, and provided a sense of community. but as many have recognized, that online community is changing and waning. without a huge dedicated following and commentary (as found on enJOY itcup of jo etc), writing online can feel like speaking to dead air. and that's fine for some people, but i've never been very good at keeping a journal or diary because i like the feedback - the exchange of ideas.

i think for a long time i felt that having this blog was a necessary part of my stationery business. and that's frightening to think that i might lose sales as a result of closing up shop here. although admittedly, i haven't been posting much since jack was born (over a year now!) and my shop sales have remained the same (even a bit better).

and of course, technology and social media is changing as well. right now i'm enjoying the bite-size sharing style of instagram. and maybe in a few years instagram will be something else, or it will be the same and we will be somewhere else. but for now it provides that connection and outlet that i need without being a commitment (and blogging is a commitment, posting requires passion and consistency in order to be successful).
there are many things i want to share here - links to my shop, posts about art, stories about motherhood, how to's about the crafts i'm completing. but when posting those things begins to feel like a chore then you have to know when to call it quits. despite the multitude of jobs and projects i work at, i am constantly striving to simply my life. this means saying no to new endeavours, opting out of email subscriptions and physically decluttering my environment. so now this blog will also get packed up in a little box, and placed lovingly at the top of my metaphorical closet for safekeeping.


  1. nooooo! you can't stop writing. i know i don't comment much, but i read your blog all the time to keep updated on your life! i shall miss it greatly :(

  2. So sorry to read this! Will miss your voice in the blogosphere, but completely understand the desire for simplification. See you over on Insta!


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