baby | letter april 12.15


As you learn to walk, you're taking a lot of tumbles and I'm recalling your very first falls when you were inside of me.

One night, while living in Victoria, I took the bus home after Anne-Marie's wedding bachelorette party (Do we still know Anne-Marie? I hope so because at the time this letter was written, we have been friends for 15 years already!). Needless to say I hadn't been drinking because I was pregnant. But when I got off the bus and crossed the street to our apartment building, I somehow managed to trip over the curb and go flying! I fell so hard I actually rolled into a somersault! I sat there for awhile after thinking about you. I knew you were too tiny to have been hurt (4 weeks only!) but I was still pretty shaken up.

Two months later we moved to Ontario. Your papa hadn't arrived yet so I was stocking our new apartment myself with some necessities. On the day I'm thinking of I was carrying a few bowls, a glass water pitcher and some towels. After gathering the items from the car, I tripped over the concrete parking barrier and nose dived towards the ground. Luckily I threw the glass and ceramic dishes and mostly landed on the towels. I was so scared for you then because you were now 15 weeks! I have a scar on both my knee and my elbow from that day (ask me to see them, I am sure they are still hanging around). But you Jack - were totally fine.


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