musings | what i want

i was thinking the other day that it might be beneficial to think about the things i want. my hopes, my goals, my needs. what's in my way? money of course. time. laziness? but writing them down has helped (and yes, i realize some of them are a bit greedy and hypocritical but they make sense to me).

a new lap top
a new couch
more organization
to worry less
less stress
to write more letters
a house
a car
to feel like i'm going somewhere

an almost but not quite full time job in the arts
more free time
less clutter
to see my friends who live far away
to learn new skills and crafts
less guilt
more space
less things

more stationery sales
to file things
to plan art exhibitions
two children (maybe three)
uplifting, natural light
new dresses
less pants

more wholesale card orders
to spend more time with my brothers
to eat better
to know how to cook
to exercise more
to live near the water
to live near a big city

to spend time with my son
a craft room or studio space
to spend more time with friends
a real christmas tree
more print sales each month

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