art vs. art | april alayne vs. jen mann

i think every person has wondered which member of the animal kingdom best matches their personality and soul. artists april alayne and jen mann have taken that inquiry a few steps further with their renditions of hybrid humans morphing into or becoming one with foxes, fowl, wolves and horses.

april's drawings capture finite minutiae and wear their animal detailing like an accessory. jen's women sit side by side with their creature counterpart, though the viewer may be unsure which came first, or if the two are meant to be one. both artist's leave us with the impression that women are part animal, and take a sense of strength from them.

i truly can't decide this week which one i like best. i think because of the vast difference in medium it becomes harder to compare and i find myself equally drawn to both. how about you?

two things to note: these are only crops of aprils work, and the pieces by jen are from her collection a few years ago. i also interviewed jen here, and compared her against jenny keith here.

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