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i have a confession to make. i haven't written any real letters since i left victoria. i'm not exactly sure what my excuse it. in a way i think i was punishing myself. as in: when i left victoria i feel like i left all that is good. all the things i am passionate about, including letter writing. i've still sent mail since being in ontario - packages, gifts, work parcels and the christmas advent snail mail calendar. but i never sat down to write a proper letter.
which is ridiculous because i was pregnant, on mat leave, at home...and had literally nothing to do. but i couldn't find the motivation or inspiration.
and then of course when the baby arrived i was too busy trying to
one | keep it alive
two | keep nervous nausea at bay
three | sleep

and then in the past couple weeks i realized i can start doing things again (even though i have a child! tra la la i am so talented!).
so i wrote a letter.
and it took me five days.
but i did it...and then i wrote another, and another. and then i joined the fourteen day spread joy challenge by josh solar and it's been just the inspiration i needed. i'm not forcing myself to write a letter every day. but when i read an engaging suggestion, i'm following it. so far i've written to a friend, my husband and am working on one for my parents. follow me on instagram to see them! i've posted some images here of the letters i sent out recently.

i can't wait for my mail box to fill up! (i hope nobody punishes me by not writing back).

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