snail mail | advent calendar mail art

i wanted to do some sort of advent calendar this year, but i also wanted to share it with family and friends. so i decided to do a snail mail advent calendar! for each of the days leading up to christmas i am sending out a piece of mail art to a lady on my list. inside there is random ephemera, postcards, isavirtue stationery, magazine articles i've loved, a special note and a compliment.

one | alex, a former colleague and friend
two | amber, a great volunteer from the integrate arts festival
three | amy, a great volunteer from the integrate arts festival
four | anne-marie, a friend since grade nine
five | bonnie, a former stationery store co-worker


  1. what a freaking amazing advent :) you're the sweetest! xx

  2. May I ask your process for making the cat mail art? I have a dear friend whoi is so down during the holidays that I would love to make something similar for her to cheer her up. Thank you so for your guidance. My email is practicingmindfulness8@gmail.com.


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