art vs. art | shary boyle vs. jess riva cooper

i've loved shary boyle's work for a number of years - i even mentioned it here. when i worked at the kitchener-waterloo art gallery, my colleague and i came across some images of boyle's work in the daily mail. i was stunned by the unique contrast between a traditional medium with a twisted and modern take. i could even do an art vs. art vs. art vs. art if i were to add in another medium and include these photographs by one lonely apricot, or these by robyn cummings.

boyle's porcelain women are hyper feminine - shrouded as they are in lace and flora. but these symbols, generally associated with a calm and delicate nature, are wreaking havoc on each miniature statue - swallowing them whole, eating them alive, blinding them and even decapitating. i find this work endlessly fascinating.

and thus i was immediately attracted to the work of jess riva cooper, whom i came across on artsy forager. in her viral series collection, riva creates small busts of women, tightly wrapped in flowers and foliage. it's anyone's guess as to whether these vines are moving outwards in, or whether they're actually growing from within each woman.

which do you prefer and why?

shary boyle

jess riva

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