art vs. art | robyn cummings vs. melanie rocan

this is a really interesting art vs. art because it's two entirely different mediums! i'm not sure if that makes for an unfair comparison...but it sure makes it fun!

both robyn cummings and melanie rocan depict women who are covered or hidden by flowers, items which are traditionally viewed as feminine objects. both are projecting this stereotypically female image which leads one to believe they have a stereotypically female persona. and while mostly hidden from our view, there are other parts they are letting us see - hands, eyes, lips, a protruding stomach...

robyn cumming's "lady things" series will always have a piece of my heart. but more than that, i prefer the crispness and staged atmosphere of her images. whereas in rocan's work, the use of an abstract art style for portraiture is distracting.

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  1. that was a fun comparison! i prefer the painterly quality & aspect of melanie rocan's work. :)


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