art | as decor (in my home)

since we moved to a new apartment last week, i've been "leaning" my art (against the walls). i have yet to hang it because i didn't like where everything was hung in our old place, and i want it to be right this time. i love all of the art i've collected over the years, and even though each and every piece is gorgeous to me, if it's not in the right spot it starts to grate on my nerves. below are some of the spots i'm thinking of hanging works.

 i still love this piece by mila czemerys and i love how other elements of the bedroom echo it's graphic black and white nature. this is the only placement i'm sure of.

(i would love another one of her pieces in these colours!)
what i really want above the couch is my collection of art prints - but sadly i can't afford to frame all of them yet. i should really make that one of my goals for this year!

i wasn't planning to hang this line drawing map victoria that i made. but i'm feeling so homesick for vancouver island, i think seeing it's shape and all of my favourite streets will comfort me. 

i really want to put these two pieces in the master bath - they are oil so it might be okay...but i've always been iffy about placing original art in an area where water and steam live. so we'll see.

this piece is a bit smaller and although i love it i often have trouble placing it. i've finally figured it out - the key is not to put it close to any other artwork, but to let it breathe and give it a wall all it's own (by the lovely m.a. tateishi)

*sadly i had to put miss carefree #3 in storage. she's just too large for this space.


  1. Love this!! Check out mine at beautythroughashes.com!

  2. love your bedroom. also the little art pieces in your bathroom. those are amazing, wish i had something similar!

  3. Or a house of its own... filled with its brother and sister paintings!
    Your home looks great, so neat and beautifully accessorized.


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